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InkJet Cartridges

Compatible and remanufactured Inkjet cartridges for all popular printers.

Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark and more!

HOLIDAY INK has developed a complete line of INKJET Cartridges that sell for 40% to 60% less than the major office equipment manufacturers.


We deal only with high quality finished products!

The High Cost of InkJet Cartridges

FACT: Inkjet cartridges cost more than the printers and the major printer companies make all their profits from the ink.

How Does an Ink Jet Cartridge Work?

An inkjet cartridge on an inkjet printer has a series of tiny little holes and each one has it's own heating element. When you print from your computer to the printer, the data tells the cartridge which holes should heat and fire the ink based on the required ink pattern which we see on the paper as the text or images that is printed.

Not only are these fine little tiny holes heated as required but they are also cooled so that they may be ready to fire again, the next time they are required to.


  • There are at least 48 holes per cartridge
  • Each hole may fire many times per second
  • They print 300 dots per inch or more

Why Should You Change Your Cartridge Before It Is Completely Empty?

Important: When your cartridge runs completely dry, you are heating the printing head with no ink in it. This would be like heating a frying pan with nothing in it. Eventually the frying pan would burn and the metal distort, which would render the frying pan in a pretty bad state.

Now imagine how this could ruin your printing head which is by far a more precise and delicate piece of technology.

Why Refurbished Ink Jet Cartridges?

Refurbished cartridges offer at least 2 main advantages. First they are less expensive because you are not paying for the brand name. In the case of Holiday Ink cartridges the quality of ink and the firing mechanism is comparable to the original. Also Holiday Ink cartridges are available at a discount of up to 50% of the brand name cartridges.

Secondly, a refurbished cartridge is a clean and precise storage compartment and nozzle channel. Refilling a cartridge several times leads to a build up of dry ink on the printer nozzle. This means some blockage of the nozzle, and reduced printing quality.

Remember not all printers are created equal and Holiday Ink Canada can supply you with just the right cartridge for your printer.

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